• Limitless Workouts
 Limitless Potential

Limitless Workouts
 Limitless Potential

Pushing limits in the club will ignite unlimited possibilities in life.
Take your training to a new level and reap the rewards.
Join now for a special opening price.

  • AntiGravity Kids Programme

AntiGravity Kids Programme

10 weeks programme package $588 * - 1 class per week
Available every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday at 3pm

More details coming soon.

  • Powered by MUVE

Powered by MUVE

Three signature classes. One common identity.
Introducing MuveFit, MuveFight and Muve Restore.

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  • Restore. Refresh. Renew.

Restore. Refresh. Renew.

Pushing your limits requires unparalled recovery.
Enjoy spacious amenities to refresh you after a tough day’s work.

  • Restoration


At Muve

Are you overtraining or under-recovering?
Faster recovery between your workouts will reduce muscle fatigue and improve blood circulation.

Official ANTIGRAVITY® License Location Gym


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